See how one digital agency createD the world's first Instagram game for a hit TV show. 

Over the weekend I saw a Sponsored Instagram post from Adult Swim’s show Rick & Morty.

Yes, it’s a cartoon. 
Yes, it’s hilarious. 
Yes, it’s worth watching.

Anyways, to drum up hype about the for the second season of the hit show, Adult Swim partnered with digital agency Carrot and created the first ever Instagram “game.”

Composed of 80 linked Instagram accounts, Carrot created “The Rickstaverse” which allows fans to explore through the accounts, which feature different worlds form the show, notorious characters, countless running jokes and (of course) the opportunity to discover items that lead to clips from the second season.  

Here’s the 101 from Rick…


According to the folks at Carrot, the game’s content, was based on the show’s existing universes, with the show’s creators signing off on everything featured in the “Rickstaverse.”

The show was an instant hit and garnered a huge following during its first season. After months without new content, fans are hungry for new material. This Instagram program was an engaging way to give fans new content and an experience to go along with it.

This might be one of the most creative ways to leverage Instagram, I’ve seen and frankly, it’s not even anything that crazy. The program is simply using the platform in a way most people haven’t thought of, yet. What makes this campaign so unique is the creative/dimensional layering of content and the degree of exclusivity for fans of the show!

What do you think of this program? What are some other interesting programs have you seen on Instagram? Leave a comment below or drop me a tweet @GenuineJack!