4 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat

The New Yorker
The 90-year-old magazine, which is known for their their highbrow commentary of current events, joined snapchat earlier this year. They uses the platform to share an inside look into some of it’s most notable features: The cover and comics.

Every week the magazine’s notorious art editor, Francoise Mouly, sits down and discusses the week’s cover in-depth… sometimes talking with the illustrators, digging into the social significance, and pointing out all those little details the magazine is known for.

Here’s a quick video of one week’s cover story: https://goo.gl/6anqix

Snapchat Username: newyorkermag

When GE joined Snapchat in 2015 they made a big splash… introducing astronaut Buzz Aldrin to its younger fans, celebrating the 45th anniversary of GE’s contribution to the 1969 moon landing.

Since then GE has rolled out a number of Snapchat specific campaigns including, “Emoji Science,” running contests and tapping notable Snapchat “celebrities” to take over their accounts. Most recently, GE partnered with Snapchat during the Summer Solstice, to be one of the first companies to to have app wide filters, just for the day.

Snapchat Username: generalelectric

The New York Times
The mammoth news network is using Snapchat as a way of covering events in realtime. They’re empowering their employees, who are generally on location for big events or cultural happenings to hope onto the app and share their experiences to the branded account.

One of the their more notable Stories recently was their coverage of the Boston Marathon. One of the NYT reporters was in Boston and covered the event leading up to, during and after. Talking to runners, family members and fans.

Note: Snapchat used the video footage they were sharing to their story to share acorss their other social channels. Here’s a video (https://goo.gl/vfvD4g) they shared to Facebook with posts they shared to the story. It’s a great (and smart) reuse of social content. 

Snapchat Username: thenytimes

GrubHub.com, the food ordering company, took to Snapchat to find  an intern with “Snapchat Skillz.” They used the platform’s “Stories” feature, to share six image photo slideshow explaining what they were looking for, to include a doodle with the users name and a link where they could formally apply.

Here’s how that looked...

Grubhub often shares these kinds of “mixed media” posts. How? They use black paper, write out their message, and then use the doodle tool in Snapchat to jazz it up! 

Snapchat Username: grubhub

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-Jack DeManche