Sharing insights and information is how we all improve the quality of our work.

So, in an effort to share some of the things I’m learning, I’m going to begin curating some of the best Community Manager posts every so often and share them here.

These come from all around the web and from lots of different brands, organizations, and people.

I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think 


#CMGR Reading: Pt. 1

-       3 Online Communities With Unique Engagement Strategies Https://Goo.Gl/5ruc93

-       3 Ways To Become The Macgyver Of Online Community Management Https://Goo.Gl/Sdozkf

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-       Crowdsourcing Innovation: Three Ways It Drives Value Https://Goo.Gl/J5sal2

-       Dear It Department, Why Community Management Matters Https://Goo.Gl/Tbnvul

-       Facebook Adds New Option To Manage Facebook, Messenger And Instagram Interactions In One Place Https://Goo.Gl/Pe3kxj

-       Game Theory, Dating Apps, And Saving LinkedIn Https://Goo.Gl/Mwkppr

-       Guide To Choosing An Online Community Platform Https://Goo.Gl/0zruif

-       How Associations Can Deliver More Value To Members Through Job Training Https://Goo.Gl/Qr4idd

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-       Snapchat For Brands: Strategies For Using Snapchat Memories To Build Community, Scale Snap Activity & Improve Branding Https://Goo.Gl/Mhxb4v

-       Social Media Is Broken…Communities Can Help Https://Goo.Gl/1dqzsk

-       Social Media Is Broken…Communities Can Help Https://Goo.Gl/1dqzsk

-       The Anatomy Of A Rockstar Community Manager Https://Goo.Gl/Nogueo

-       The Currency Of Care: Social Media Engagement That Matters. Https://Goo.Gl/Y4uatd

-       The Power Of A Single Comment Https://Goo.Gl/Sgqev0

-       Tools For Collecting And Analyzing Community Metrics Https://Goo.Gl/Txssku

-       Top Learning Management System Features Https://Goo.Gl/Zqwn8x

-       When Community Members Dive Into Politics Https://Goo.Gl/9okm8b